• Club Membership dues are $55.00 per year, and due January 1 of each calendar year.
  • Club members under 18 years old fly free, when accompanied by a club member parent
  • Please accompany membership dues with a copy of your current AMA card or AMA number.
  • To join the AMA, click on the AMA link on the right side of this page, then click the “join/renew” tab on the AMA home page.
  • Please mail club dues to Club Treasurer. See the Contact Page for his mailing address. 
  • For a new club member that joins our club after June 30 of the year, club dues will be prorated for the balance of the first year membership.

Please respect Rincon wishes and do not travel around the reservation land, as the reservation land is all private property.


        Basic Airfield Flight Rules

  1. Please display your club membership card when flying.
  2. If you are flying other than 2.4 frequency, please take a frequency board tag and leave your membership card to mark what frequency you are using. The frequency board is located in the storage unit on site.
  3. Please limit the number of aircraft in the air to no more than 5 at a time.
  4. Since we don't currently have individual pilot stations, pilots are to please position themselves close to the safety fence. Don't wander out into the the runway, or you could be struck by aircraft.
  5. No matter what type of aircraft you are flying, please announce your intentions (take off, landing, taxi, etc.) and clear the runway as soon as possible after landing.
  6. Deadstick landings are top priority. Pilots of deadstick aircraft are to announce their status clearly by shouting "Deadstick!", and other pilots on the flight line are to acknowledge verbally.
  7. Start & fuel aircraft on the flight tables located near the runway safety fence. Do not fuel or start aircraft on the work tables under the shaded areas.
  8. Clean up your flight area when you leave.
  9. If you use any equipment from the storage unit, please replace it after use.
  10. Above all, please apply common sense, respect your neighbor when flying, and have lots of fun!


membership application form

Fallbrook RC Flyers Membership Application (docx)